Sunday, December 10, 2006


Gender: female

Rank of name in United States:
2005: 528
1990: 333
1975: 215
1960: 121
1945: 82
1930: 132
1915: 67
1900: 137
1885: 173

Namesakes: poet Sylvia Plath; photographer Sylvia Plachy

A great meaning (into the woods!) and a pretty sound, yet it retains a slight frumpy feeling; parents who dig the nickname Sylvie or who are looking for an alternate to Sophia may well bring it back to the realms of cool.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Gender: male
U.S. rank in 2004: 383
U.S. rank in 1900: 108
Namesake: a certain emperor

A more solid variation on the soft-sounding Julian, though the generation that frequented malls in the '80s may forever be reminded of a slushy orange drink.



Gender: female
U.S. rank in 2004: not in the top 1000
U.S. rank in 1900: 178
Namesake: Matilda of Flanders, England's smallest queen!

Despite its non-pacifist origin (it means "mighty warrior"), today Matilda is slyly hip, shaking off its great-grandma status. Tillie is a cool flapperesque nickname, far preferable to Miranda's Randy.